McCormick Tract Wilderness Area - Photos

Photos taken in 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, and 2004. Click to Enlarge.

McCormick Tract Foundations

Photo 1a: Settlement Foundations

McCormick Tract Foundations

Photo 1b: Settlement Foundations

McCormick Tract Foundations

Photo 1c: Settlement Foundations

Photo 1d: Settlement Stable

McCormick Tract Island Foundations

Photo 2: Island Foundations


Note boathouse foundation sticking out.

Photo 2a: Island w/ Fortress in background.


Photo 2b: Island from a canoe.


Photo 2c: Whitedeer in a mood

McCormick Tract Island

Photo 3: Artesian Well


Photo 4: Pump House(north side)


Photo 4a: Pump House(south side)

McCormick Tract Pump House

Photo 5a: Fortress Stairs

McCormick Tract Fortress

Photo 5b: Fortress Picinic Table & BB Pit

Bulldog Lake Pylons

Photo 6: Walkway Pylons

McCormick Tract Pylons

Photo 6a: Walkway Pylons

McCormick Tract Pylons

Photo 6b: Walkway Pylons in the Fall

Crack in Bulldog Lake Dam

Photo 7a: Dam - Crack

McCormick Tract Dam

Photo 7b: Dam - Front

McCormick Tract Dam

Photo 7c: Dam - Back

McCormick Tract Dam

Photo 8: Logging Settlement Site on Bulldog & Author

McCormick Tract Tom Foye

Photo 9: Bridge on the Bentley Trail

McCormick Tract Bentley Trail

Photo 11: West Branch of the Yellow Dog Falls

McCormick Tract Falls

Photo 12: Top of the Bulldog Falls

McCormick Tract Falls

Photo 13: Old Horse drawn sled

McCormick Tract Sled

Photo 14: Island Lake across from narrows

McCormick Tract Moose Shed

Photo 15: Moose Shed found in 2002 on a through hike

A Bridge on a side trail off the Bentley Trail.

Photo 16: A Bridge on a side trail off the Bentley Trail.

Another Bridge View

Photo 17: Another Bridge View

Contemplation on the Yellow Dog

Photo 18: Contemplation on the Yellow Dog

Bulldog Lake Loons

Photo 19: Loons on Bulldog Lake

Bulldog Lake Channel

Photo 20: Bulldog Lake Channel


Photo 20a: Low water in Channel


Bulldog Lake Benchmark

Photo 21: Bulldog Lake Benchmark

An Except from the State of Michigan Survey records -

"5.9 Michigamme, 11.0 mi. N. and 6.5 mi. E. from, 2.0 mi. NE. along Lakes from McCormick Camp, near quarter corner between secs. 30 and 31, T. 50 N., R. 29 W., at N. end of Bulldog Lake, about 115 ft. NE. of boat dock, 30 ft. S. of S. edge of clearing, 6 ft. W. of foot trail, in rock ledge near top of bank of lake; standard tablet stamped "26 RC 1951 1751" 1750.532"

Photo 22: Whitedeer Lake Benchmark


Thanks for the canoe, Bill.

Photo 23: Whitedeer Lake at sunrise.


No Longer able to walk across this bridge.

Photo 24: Lake Margaret Bridge


Still easy to find.

Photo 25: Lake Margaret Portage from Bulldog.


Easy Portage!

Photo 26: Lake Margaret Portage with Bulldog Lake in the distance.

Note portage along leftside of the creek.


Photo 27: Lake Margaret


Photo 28: View from the Crows Nest with the Keweenaw on horizon

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